Welcome! In a world that has been withheld from you

You are the creator of your reality

Here we go


In every moment you influence your environment with your thoughts. Always! Whether you like it or not.

Imagine it's like this ...

What would that mean for you?

What would that be like? On your environment? To your fellow humans?

Now if I tried to explain to you how this works, where it comes from and that It's all going to take a long time. And you still have not even the experience. You still do not know if it's the way I say it.

That's why there is the "PSiGame"! With the PSiGame you can convince yourself, you to influence something in the outside with your thoughts.

But if you want to know the basics, I'll give you at the bottom of this page few sources of information, which you can use to inform yourself in detail.

The quintessence of all the information I have compiled is:

"It's scientifically proven that humans can influence matter with their thoughts, their will, their intent!"
With the PSiGame you can convince yourself that this also applies to you!

PSiGame features

Random number generator

The basis of the game is a so-called "REAL noise generator" (HWRNG). This noise generator was specially developed and built for the game. He is physically present! This noise generator produces zeros and ones in "random" order.


The player changes, solely by his concentration, his thinking, his will, his intention, his consciousness, his faith, the sequence the generated zeros and ones.

Goal of the game

The task is set at random! The task can be: "concentrate on the red circle (left)" or "Focus on the green circle (right)" And that's what the player has to do. Concentrate!

Control of the game

The game starts when the player clicks on START. Now the task is displayed. The player has nothing else to do but think about the result to be achieved. The game ends automatically after 100 plays.


Each turn determines a block of 200 zeros and ones. If more zeros are counted than ones, then the red circle (left) gets hit. If more ones than zeros are counted, the green circle (right) receives a hit. At the end of the game - after 100 turns - the result is displayed and everything is saved automatically.


The determined data are statistically evaluated. Both for the individual player and for a group of players. The data can not be manipulated and have a scientific relevance due to their amount that can not be denied.

Strange but true

Do not let yourself be deprived by a premature assessment of your possibilities.

Yes, sure, it is almost unbelievable that this should really work.

I assure you that this is all real!

The research in this area is real. The results I have collected so far are real. The random number generator is real and has nothing to do with the discussions that are so familiar from the internet. The software counts, counts and displays. Nothing is changed, adapted or glossed over.

That's not the end

The PSiGame (s) or better the random number experiments are constantly being developed. It all started with the emometer, followed by flatland and the consciousness monitor. Now we have the first PSiGame and more will follow.

I have installed and set up numerous platforms to meet and share with other people. The links can be found above, on this page. I'm happy about anyone who actively participates and reports on his findings.

There is also another level on which our consciousness works or influences our environment. And I am already looking forward to the day when I can also provide the corresponding experiments.


For some, it is the game, the adventure, in which he can discover what he really is capable of. For the other, it's numbers and statistics.

The statistic is the real heart of the game.

For the player, it is no longer a question of whether he is actually the cause. For the "viewer", however, this is not always understandable. This is where statistics comes into play. In the statistics, you can clearly see what you like to overlook in the simple observation.

The viewing is very simple. When the distribution of zeros and ones is nearly 50/50. But the red / green distribution shows significant deviations, then there are forces in the game that we hitherto did not want to admit.

You can find the statistics for the game in the menu of the game under the name "Score". You can find the overall statistics of all games in the Console .

News & updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions.

  • The control is your will, your intention, your thoughts. You can "just" play the game with yours Influence thoughts. There is nothing else.

    If the task is to focus on the green circle, then focus on it the green circle. The better you can concentrate, the higher the scoring is likely to be be.

  • The heart of this game is a number of so-called noise generators. These generate a random one Noise. From this noise, a stream of random numbers of ones and zeros is generated. If more Ones are generated as zeros, then the green circle wins. If there are more zeros, then he wins red circle.

  • No! I have developed the random number generators / noise generators myself. They are physical available. The APP is designed to access the generated random numbers in real time. It's all a normal and real process.

    That we human beings with our thoughts and / or with our consciousness on such random processes Influence has been researched worldwide for more than 70 years.

    I have dealt extensively with this topic and on the Internet already with several experiments other people performed. All this is as real as the ground under your feet.

  • There are a lot of possibilities. The most important reason why it does not work might be lacking Believe in yourself, that you can, that it really works, be.

    Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can not, in both cases you're right."

    Anyway, no master has fallen from the sky yet. It is not magic. You can learn it, too if you have never had anything to do with it. And you can improve your skills by practicing. As with everyone another game.

  • I asked myself the same. However, I did not find an answer. And that's why I have that even taken in hand.

    The result is known now. First !!!!

    To the scientific studies I can say that all are present. They were all too released. Only, on the one hand, nobody seems to be aware of the meaning.

    On the other hand, then, we have no one believing such things because no one else is supposed to believe them believes.

    Imagine what that would have an impact if people strap on that with their thoughts influence their environment!

  • This is not a question but a prejudice, so an opinion and has nothing to do with facts.

    Let's take a look. Esoteric: "old, secret knowledge".

    In a way, that's true. Because, there are people who have always known that man to more capable than he believes. For some reason alone, he has been persuaded that he just can not. And Man believed it.

    I asked myself the following question: What, if it exists? what if all the others are wrong and to follow a mistake?

    If that exists, should not it be investigated further? What do you mean?

  • I have some things on my page https://woww.io/ put together on the subject. Likewise, you will find a lot of information on my youtube channel "NetX.tv". I do one every Saturday Livestream, which also revolves around the topic of coincidence. Then you will find on the page https://flatland.city another, slightly more complex experiment with a random number generator.

    All these pages and information give you enough bullet points for your own further research.

  • Yeah right. You can enter your name and / or email address if you want to.

    If you use multiple devices or browsers, then for the game once everything is different Player. You realize that, for example, you to redefine and save settings on all devices, or the score varies between devices and browsers.

    So that the data can be summarized, there is the possibility for you your name and your email in each device and each browser to deposit. With it all your data can be summarized.

    This data is not used for anything else. This data is known only to you and the server.


Maybe not unimportant. Who is behind PSiGame?

Yes, I am real too. I am called HaPe or lovingly Schäff(chen). I am over 7 years and can decide for myself. (What sounds like a joke is not not important if you want to take responsibility for your life). My goal is to make a better out of this world, which we sometimes call reality ;-) And to convey to the people that they are giants who have been persuaded that they are dwarfs. And that's what's haunting me, what I'm exploring and willing to pass on.

You can find me in Socialnetworks, or you can contact me for serious inquiries too Email or use the contact form.

Hans-Peter Kohnle

Calle La Acequia, 8
35330 Teror, Las Palmas


+34 632 807 517

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